Order Hi-Velocity Systems Through Ferguson

2013 09-09

Whether used for heating, cooling or both, Hi-Velocity units can be located almost anywhere in the home.  This makes them ideal for residential retrofit applications.  The flexible two-inch and HE ducts are more adaptable than traditional ducts and can be installed along joists, in between walls or other confined areas quickly and easily.  Other benefits include:

  • Fan coil units are modular, and can be installed in a variety of orientations
  • Installs in 25% less time than a conventional system, without the need for major remodeling
  • High Efficiency Energy Smart Motors with Variable Frequency Drive will save money on heating bills
  • Delivers air under a greater pressure than a conventional system, to better mix the air and eliminate hot and cold spots
  • Insulated flex duct prevents heat loss/gain and has a sound absorbing inner core to deliver the air whisper quiet

You can get Hi-Velocity systems through Ferguson with a short lead time.  Talk to your Ferguson Representative for more information or to place an order.


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